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What Causes Cavities?

Although many people want better dental health with cleaner teeth, there are many dental problems. One of the common dental problems experienced by most people is cavity development on teeth. The cavities start from a smaller point on the tooth and then spread over the whole tooth after some period. It finally decays the teeth after a prolonged period. So, it is important to get the necessary treatment for the cavities on the teeth at the earliest. It is better to ensure that the cavity does not build up on the teeth. So, it is important to know the causes of cavities on the teeth. It can help you to take constructive steps that can prevent the teeth from cavity development.

What are the symptoms of tooth cavities?

There are some common symptoms when there is a cavity on the teeth.

Symptoms observed in tooth cavities are:

  • Tooth pain is experienced when the cavity is developed on teeth.

  • There is tooth sensitivity.

  • Stains in the teeth are observed easily.

  • Pain while eating food.

What are the causes of cavities on teeth?

The development of bacteria on teeth is the main reason behind the cavity development on teeth. It is important to know the causes of cavities on the teeth so that necessary care can be taken to avoid it.

Here are some of the causes of cavities on teeth:

1. Sugar in the food

After eating the food, the sugar content in the food gets stuck on the teeth. It invites a lot of bacteria on it and the bacteria start increasing on the teeth. These bacteria if not cleaned early then it causes cavity development on the teeth.

2. Lesser fluoride content in the toothpaste

The enamel layer on the tooth mainly protects the teeth from the cavity development. However, the increased amount of bacteria erodes the enamel layer and causes cavity development on teeth. The fluoride is effective in reducing the bacteria and protecting the enamel layer of the teeth. Using toothpaste with a good amount of fluoride can be effective in controlling the cavities on teeth.

3. Irregular brushing

Brushing twice a day is one of the primary good oral hygiene habits. Brushing removes the smaller food particles from the teeth and cleans the plaque layer from it. This helps to reduce the possibility and intensity of cavity development on the teeth.

4. Improper brushing

It is not just the regular brushing that can help to reduce the possibility of cavity development on the teeth, a proper brushing is equally important. Many people brush hastily which is not enough for cleaning the teeth properly. Brushing must be done at least for 2 minutes in each corner of the teeth. Also, making a proper angle of 45 degrees along the gumline and teeth is necessary. It can avoid the plaque and cavity build up along this area which is a commonly observed area for cavity development.

5. Improper mouthwash after a meal

After having a meal, some smaller food particles remain in the crevices of the teeth. This attracts many of the unwanted bacteria that cause cavity development on teeth. So, you must rinse the mouth properly which helps to remove most of the food particles and bacteria on the teeth properly.

6. Improper filling after dental treatment

During the filling activity of the dental treatment, it is important to do a proper filling. An improper filling can cause cavity development on the teeth that can create other dental problems.

These are some of the common causes of cavities in the teeth. There are some solutions through which the cavity development on the teeth can be reduced.

How can the cavity development on the teeth be prevented?

There are some treatment solutions through which the cavity development on the teeth can be reduced.

Here are some of the solutions to prevent the cavity development on the teeth:

  • Daily brushing twice a day.

  • Proper brushing technique that can clean all regions of the teeth.

  • Lesser intake of sweet food and drinks.

  • Using fluoridated kinds of toothpastes

  • A proper mouthwash after every meal.

  • Visiting the dentist after every six months to check the cavities in teeth.

These preventive methods can help to prevent cavity development of the teeth.

After knowing the major causes of cavities on teeth, it is important to take some simple steps to avoid them. A proper check-up along with the treatment can be beneficial for oral health.

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