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The Most Common Dental Problems

We all know the importance of dental health, so we have to ensure proper oral hygiene. Despite taking primary dental care of brushing and mouth washing, dental problems are bound to happen to any person. It can happen at any age, even though you take care properly. There are different kinds of dental problems that are troublesome. Among all these, there are some common dental problems that are experienced by most individuals. A dental expert can give the proper treatment for these problems. However, you can even follow some of the dental health guidelines to get better dental health.

What are the most common dental problems?

There are many dental-related issues which are problematic for an individual. However, here we look particularly at some common dental issues experienced by people.

Here is the list of some common dental problems:

1. Cavities on teeth

The cavity development on teeth is one of the commonly observed dental problems in an individual. It generally starts from a smaller region on teeth and spreads across the teeth. After some duration, it completely decays the teeth. Cavities start with the plaque layer of the teeth which becomes thicker after some duration and decays the teeth.

2. Discoloration of teeth

Discoloration of the teeth is one of the common dental problems experienced by many people. Here, the stains are also developed on the teeth which are a little brownish in color. Discoloration of teeth takes away the attractiveness of the smile. The better solution for teeth discoloration is through the treatment of teeth whitening. Teeth discoloration is caused usually due to the intake of coffee, tea, soda, berries, chocolates, etc. Early treatment of teeth discoloration is important for preventing it from further damage.

3. Cracks or breaking of teeth

The problems like cracks or breaking of teeth are also observed in some cases. Here the region of the teeth gets cracked which further causes pain. The cracks can be either due to eating hard objects, injury, more decay, etc. Getting a quicker treatment for it is very essential.

4. Bad breath

Most people might have experienced a bad breath after getting up from sleep or keeping the mouth close for a prolonged duration. However, this bad breath goes immediately after brushing and does not give bad breath for the whole day. Some people have a bad breath problem where they continuously have a bad breath. This is usually experienced due to dental problems like cavities, bacteria on teeth, dry mouth, gum disease, etc. A dental consultation is important at the early stage before the problem becomes severe.

5. Gum disease

Gum disease is also known as a periodontal disease where the gums show problems. Generally, the early stage of gum disease is known as Gingivitis where the gums show reddish, swelling, and bleeding. If the Gingivitis problem is not treated early then it leads to later stage gum disease problems called Periodontitis. In periodontitis, there is possibility of bone loss around the area and complex treatment for it.

6. Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are observed among some individuals where there are reddish marks on the lips. Usually, the mouth sore longs for one or two weeks and disappears. If it remains for more than two weeks then it is important to get the treatment from a dental expert. Generally, mouth sores happen due to bacteria, improper digestion, inappropriately fixed Orthodontic appliances, etc. Proper treatment can cure the mouth sore problems easily.

7. Dry mouth

A Dry mouth is the situation where the saliva production in the mouth is low. This can occur due to intake of some type of medications, smoking, increased stress, etc. Saliva has the ability to minimize the unwanted bacteria from the mouth, so a sufficient amount of saliva is important. Drinking more water can help to reduce dry mouth. Visiting the dentist is always better for dry mouth treatment.

8. Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a dental problem that makes the place empty. It must be replaced with the artificial tooth so that it becomes easier to chew food. It also protects other teeth from acquiring space which can lead to teeth gap issues. It is important to get a proper solution to tooth loss sooner.

9. Malocclusions

Malocclusion problems are due to the presence of crooked teeth. It causes the food to easily stick in the teeth. Malocclusions also lead to problems like discomfort while speaking and smiling. Orthodontic treatment can treat malocclusion problems properly. Visit the proper Orthodontist to make your smile better.

10. Teeth sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity is experienced by many people while eating or drinking sweet, cold, or hot items. This is mainly experienced due to cavities, enamel erosion, and other reasons.

These are some common dental problems experienced by many people across the world. Visiting the dentist sooner can be helpful for treating these dental problems properly.

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